Below are just a selection of the wonderful testimonials we’ve had through to the kitchen and we’re very thankful for ever single one of them.

Truly scrumptious little edible cups of art.
Imaginative, innovative, and truly inspiring… Victoria can create anything! I ordered be-spoke dinosaur cupcakes last time, and within 24 hours I had a T-rex, Stegasaurus and Spinasaurus in cake form at my door. Pretty cool huh? Yeah that’s what I thought. – Hannah Spearritt

Tasted just as good as they looked! Just perfect! – Sonya Garland

Cupcakes were made for my husband Neil’s 30th birthday, and they not only looked fab, they tasted absolutely to die for, highly recommended 10/10 – Lisa Saunders

I was the lucky recipient of some of Victoria’s Kitchen’s amazing cupcakes, they looked stunning and tasted the same! I reluctantly shared them with my housemate and her comment was “who needs a love life when you have cupcakes like this!” – Simon Hutchinson

Amazing, amazing cupcakes! We were lucky to have some delivered just in time for christmas, we admired them for 3 days, reluctant to eat them as they looked so fantastic! They were as delicious as they looked, the best we’ve ever tasted! Will order again and again. Truly Cuptastic! – Louise Iaccarino

I ordered some Christmas cupcakes as a gift, and was overwhelmed at how amazing they looked. Such incredible attention to detail too. Am just disappointed that I wasn’t there to taste them, but am told they were delicious! Thank you for such wonderful and professional service Victoria’s Kitchen. – Emily Townsend

Artistic, innovative and made with a flair and passion that are truly a gift. You seriously must try Victoria’s Kitchen. – Jon Thompson

Victoria is AMAZING! I was in California looking for London’s best cupcakes to deliver to my fiancé at work as a birthday surprise. I’ve done this for the past two years and each year I have continued my hunt for London’s best cupcakes, as I have been disappointed by many of the usual suspects. I was thrilled to find Victoria. Not only are her cupcakes delicious but she is an absolute angel. My fiancé was thrilled with the cupcakes—they were the best birthday cupcakes yet! – Rebecca Pooler-Lunse


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